1. Topography

Prior to the beginning of the mounting we perform a survey stakeout, and checking of the topography according to the engineering.
This check includes the positions of the edges of the fields, the slopes E / O and N / S, the inclinations of the blocks or trackers , the depths of the posts, their heights and congruence with the orders to suppliers of posts.

2. Unloading and Distribution of Materials

We perform the unloading of the Structure materials and the photovoltaic panel pallets. Afterward it is distributed the materials directly to the ground to be installed.

3. Driving

We provide of 5 driving machines and we will add 2 more during 2018. Our operators have all 2 years of experience. In the case of rocky soils or rejects in driving posts, we may to proceed to a pre- drilling prior of the driving.

We are able to:
• Perform a driving up to a range of 3.5m deep
• Use width of profiles up to 290mm.
• Achieve performance up to 300 * posts per day.
• Use round profiles as squares profiles.

See video
4. Pre-drilling

If it’s required, in case of rejected posts during driving or a simple need of the project, we are able to perform a Pre Drilling + Drive or a Micropile.

5. Assembled of Structure

We are Multi system and Multi brand. We are able to perform the assembly on fixed structures and tracking structures, brands such as STI-Norland, NClave, Braux and Array.

6. Installation of Panels

We perform the installation of the photovoltaic panels, on fixed structures and tracking structures, in vertical or horizontal position, with bolted, riveted or clipped system.

7. Driving or Pull & Out tests

In order to avoid the foundation risks to be performed we carried out pre-design tests for in-situ driving. We have the necessary machinery to perform complete tests. Tests that can also be carried out in the construction period in case of rejections in posts or in case of resistance verification.

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